Angielski do góry nogami

Angielski do góry nogami!

Angielski do góry nogami • ANGIELSKI UJAWNIONY, PREMIERA

Zuzia była bardzo utalentowana. Urodzona tancerka.

Potrafiła wyrazić swoje uczucia przy pomocy bardzo ograniczonej liczby kroków i ruchów. Te same kroki taneczne, ale każdy indywidualnie wykonany.

Stało się jednak coś, co ją zasmuciło. Jej wymarzona szkoła miała najsurowszą i pozbawioną wyczucia kreatywności dyrektorkę.

Dyrektorka szkoły baletowej chciała uczyć Zuzię tańca w najdziwaczniejszy sposób, aby tylko pozbawić Zuzię jej wyjątkowości, kreatywności i indywidualności.

A teraz pomyśl o sobie.

Jak Ty uczysz się teraz języka angielskiego?

Czy Twój angielski jest do góry nogami?

Czy proces, jaki jest wobec Ciebie stosowany, uwzględnia Twoją osobowość, Twoją wyjątkowość i Twoją indywidualność?

Zobacz wideo i sprawdź samodzielnie!



Your topsy-turvy English

Your topsy-turvy English! I teach to think in English!


006 • Your topsy-turvy English

Emma was a very talented girl. She was a born dancer.

She could express her emotions with a very limited number of dance moves. Happiness and unhappiness. Joy and sadness. Anger and friendliness. The same dance moves with a unique personal touch!

But something sad happened. Her dream school had the strictest and most uncreative headmistress imaginable.

The headmistress wanted Emma to learn dancing in the weirdest way possible to eradicate Emma’s uniqueness, creativity and individuality.

And what about you?

How are you learning English now?

Is the way they make you learn English respectful of your personality, your uniqueness and your individuality?

Watch and listen and find out for yourself!


I teach to think in English • Use neuroscience to learn fast

I teach to think in English

I teach to think in English

LECTURE 005 (<10 min)
(Wednesday, 19 Feb 2020, 12:00)

I teach to think in English

As an adult who wants to speak English fluently you are making your life difficult for yourself!


Because you are trying to do the impossible!

You are trying to establish logical connections between your mother tongue thoughts and English sentences!

But that’s impossible!

Your mother tongue and English HAVE NO LOGICAL CONNECTIONS!

Instead you have to do ONE THING. You have to learn the facts about English.

There are TWO TENSES in English (Present nad Past; for verbs, not clauses) and each tense has 5 possible tense forms:

• Cat. 1
• Cat. 1 + Cat. 3
• Cat. 1 + Cat. 4
• Cat. 1 + Cat. 3 + Cat. 4
• Cat. 1 + Cat. 3 + Cat. 4 + Cat. 3

• Cat. 2
• Cat. 2 + Cat. 3
• Cat. 2 + Cat. 4
• Cat. 2 + Cat. 3 + Cat. 4
• Cat. 2 + Cat. 3 + Cat. 4 + Cat. 3

There are no other forms of tensed sentences in English!

So, do not try to find logical connections between your mother tongue and English, and learn the facts!

I teach to think in English

005 • I teach to think in English


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CENY WYPRZEDAŻY* obowiązują od 13 lutego 2020 roku

Love English
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Sadly 90 per cent

Sadly, 90 per cent

Sadly 90 per cent


Lecture No. 004

Sadly, 90% • English Intelligence At Noon

Do you know what ‘COMPLEXITY BIAS‘ is?

If you think that you do your best to make your life easy, think again!

We, adults, without even knowing it, make our lives more difficult!

And learning English to speak intuitively and automatically, and learning to think in English, are no exception!

To know how to overcome this flaw in ‘our design’, watch and listen to my latest Lecture No. 004 on my YouTube channel, as part of the playlist entitled “English Intelligence At Noon”.

As usual (on Wednesdays) you can listen to the same problem about learning English intuitively discussed in Polish on the same YouTube Channel but as part of the playlist named “Angielski Ujawniam O Piątej”.

(Today, Feb 12, at 5 pm, i.e. 17:00 hrs)

Don’t make your life difficult and start speaking English intuitively!

Tomasz 😎




ENGLISH INTELLIGENCE AT NOON • VERBS [The Sister Lecture in Polish premieres at: 5 pm]
PREMIERE: YouTube, Monday, 10 February 2020, time: 12:00

Ladies and Gentlemen,

No matter what your mother tongue is. And no matter what country you are from. No matter what your level of English you think is. If you want to speak English correctly and fluently, do one simple thing: speak as if you knew only English (at least when you can speak to me).

You know that grammar rules are inhuman (see: https://tiny.pl/t6trb) and that is a piece of good English intelligence.

Another brilliant piece of English intelligence is the number of English categories. There are as many of those as there are digits in your hand. A human being has a number of fingers and a thumb. And this is exactly how many verb categories there are in English.

If you know how many there are of those, you can produce all English sentences.

The English verb categories are as follows:






For example, let’s present all the categories for the verb USE:


1 – USE/ USES (present)

2 – USED (past)

3 – USED


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Every English verb has its categories as above.

And that’s all there is to it.

Thank you.

Tomasz Wyszkowski

PS Lecture No. 003 on Jazzy English at Noon, Mon, 10th Feb 2020 (YouTube).


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Can you give us the verb categories for more verbs?


Grammar rules

Grammar rules are INHUMAN! English inductively!

Grammar rules are INHUMAN!
Jazzy English At Noon #JEAN
Lecture No. 002
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Wherever you are in the world, you want to speak English fluently and intuitively!

If you really do, you will never accomplish your goals if you want to learn English through grammar rules!

Not only don’t we learn through rules, but we don’t even think in term of rules!

See what I have to say today (Thursday, 06 Feb) as part of my playlist Jazzy English At Noon #JEAN and find out for yourself!

Tomasz Wyszkowski

Grammar rules are INHUMAN!

Jazzy English At Noon

Jazzy English At Noon. 🇬🇧 English from zero to proficiency inductively 🇬🇧 Angielski od zera do proficiency indukcyjnie

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Jazzy English At Noon

It’s my great pleasure to invite you to my new playlist on YouTube.

From now on, four days a week, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at noon, you will have an opportunity. An opportuinty to know more about how to learn English easily, pleasantly and freely.

Don’t miss this chance to subscribe to this playlist and do everything you ever can about your fluent English!

I’ll see today at noon, and four times a week, every week!

One more thing. Once you have watched and listened to the video at noon in English, you are welcome to watch and listen to the same in Polish!

Why? ‘Cause on the same day at 5 o’clock you can listen to the same in Polish. There is an equivalent playlist called “Angielski Bez Limitu O Piątej”, where you can hear the same subject discussed in Polish.

So get ready for a ride of your lifetime!

Tomasz Wyszkowski

Jazzy English At Noon