Sadly 90 per cent

Sadly, 90 per cent

Sadly 90 per cent


Lecture No. 004

Sadly, 90% • English Intelligence At Noon

Do you know what ‘COMPLEXITY BIAS‘ is?

If you think that you do your best to make your life easy, think again!

We, adults, without even knowing it, make our lives more difficult!

And learning English to speak intuitively and automatically, and learning to think in English, are no exception!

To know how to overcome this flaw in ‘our design’, watch and listen to my latest Lecture No. 004 on my YouTube channel, as part of the playlist entitled “English Intelligence At Noon”.

As usual (on Wednesdays) you can listen to the same problem about learning English intuitively discussed in Polish on the same YouTube Channel but as part of the playlist named “Angielski Ujawniam O Piątej”.

(Today, Feb 12, at 5 pm, i.e. 17:00 hrs)

Don’t make your life difficult and start speaking English intuitively!

Tomasz 😎