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Free English Communication Analyses for Companies and Free Sessions for Managers

Free English Communication Analyses for Companies

To whom it may concern

Managers working for companies are supposed to play certain roles. All the roles to be successfully performed must be based on the means of communication. In other words, in order for managers to be efficient, they must be skilled in communication. The time when it was enough to know their mother tongue and to speak a little English are over. But is it also over for your company?

How do you think about English in relation to your company? Answer the following questions:

① Is English a means to meet your business goals? English is invisible when it is used effectively. When it is not, it becomes a barrier to your company’s development.

② Do you know the English communication channels in your company? Are your company’s English speaking channels always open and fully operational?

③ Do you know which of your managers must speak English and which need not? Not all of your managers need English. Do you know which must?

④ Do you know what skills your managers need in English? Speaking English is important. But what really matters is: are your managers effective speakers?

⑤ Can your managers who speak English negotiate, represent your company outside and expand the scope of business potential of your company thanks to English? These are specific skills that you can only learn when they are specifically addressed. Are you sure your managers are ready to take all the challenges?

⑥ Are your managers the best English speakers in your company? Don’t your managers lose anything when their subordinates speak English better than them?

⑦ Can your managers freely discuss technical matters pertaining to your company’s industry? Knowing general English on one hand, and using it for all specialist situations on a daily basis on the other, are very different things.

⑧ Can your managers effectively handle conflict, stressful and emergency situations in Polish? What about in English? Can your managers be leaders only in Polish, but not in English?

⑨ Are you thinking of providing your managers with professional English thinking, speaking and communication courses? Do you want them to learn English as usual (sometimes English courses are just non-financial benefits for employees), or you want them to be as effective in English as they are in Polish?

⑩ Do you realise that English teaching courses vary significantly in terms of quality? Does the term “English courses” have only one meaning to you?

If you want to have these questions answered and get a full report to see the big picture situation of you company you must ask your managers and their workers the right questions.

Should you wish, we can talk about it and find the best solution for your business.

Tomasz Wyszkowski

Free Sessions for Managers

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is my pleasure to invite you to take part in a non-commercial and non-selling presentation of my method of teaching English to managers naturally and most effectively.

I would like to start with making an important point. What I am about to propose and to try and interest you with is not a transaction in a commercial sense.

For me sharing what I know about stressless and satisfying English learning amounts to the most important purpose that a real educator may have.

If you find it interesting, I will invite you to take part in a demonstration session (or more than one for another group if need be) to give you a first-hand experience on how to learn English in a natural, stressless and satisfying manner using subjects and vocabulary relating to any professional interests that session participants may have.

I do not expect you to treat such sessions as an invitation to cooperate with me commercially. I really hope to retain their educational character.

Let our demo sessions be what they are supposed to be: a time to develop, gain knowledge, exchange ideas and see what you may have never experienced in your learning English life.

The model session differs from any actual one in one respect. It is longer, as after the first 50 minutes of the English-only work, we will have an about 30-minute time in Polish to discuss what you have experienced during the English-only part.

The first 50 minutes is quite an intense period of time. Actual sessions involve one person only as it is exclusively possible to teach and learn effectively in a one-on-one situation.

But for demonstration purposes it is possible for 3 to 4 people to participate.

If you have concerns regarding your varied levels of advancement in English, don’t worry. In my experience, such demonstration sessions work just fine for people with any knowledge of and skills in English.

In conclusion, there is no risk in taking part in a demonstration session for any of you.

On the contrary, not taking this opportunity may leave you in the dark about the natural, i.e. most effective process of learning English.

Tomasz Wyszkowski